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Our history

DocFaber was born in 2016, from an idea of Fabrizio, italian nutritionist from Bologna. As often happens, good ideas find their way into the minds and hearts of other people and so Michele and Andrea decided to set up an innovative startup together with Fabrizio. During the long period of development, begun many months ago, two girls have taken part of the team: Doris Pesce as social media copy and costumer care and Laura as a new startupper and digital marketer e business strategy in 2018.

DocFaber srl

Sede legale
via Farini n°3
40124, Bologna, Italy
P.Iva: 03516541202

Dott. Fabrizio Malipiero

Dott. Fabrizio Malipiero

Nutritionist CEO & Scientific Manager

Laura Manzini

Laura Manzini

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Michele Pari

Michele Pari

UI & UX Designer

Andrea Pari

Andrea Pari

CTO Web Developer

Doris Pesce

Doris Pesce

Social Media Copywriter


We believe in the importance of “eating well” in order to an healthy lifestyle. We are studying the web potentiality to help people keeping a “healthy” relationship with food, through a healthy and balanced diet.


DocFaber is a web app that helps you losing weight and improving your relationship with food. DocFaber believes in Italian food culture based on natural and good ingredients and Mediterranean and new recipes. DocFaber combines web and digital technology with an expert team of nutritionists.


DocFaber is much more than a simple online diet. It is a web app that would improving human relationship with food. It is not an usual calorie counter, because it impels users to improve their nutrition style and find a food balance. The method is based on Mediterranean diet, with typical foods and recipes from Emilia-Romagna tradition (Italy’s region); the algorithm propose local foods and products according to seasonality.

DocFaber is a tool for companies to support awareness campaigns towards a healthy lifestyle, and to build customer’s loyalty by launching health prevention and education campaigns.

And it is also a software for nutritionists too, who can use an intuitive tool to follow and help their patients out of the clinic.


DocFaber is a natively cloud-working application, accessible via web, on Windows, Macintosh and Linux hardware.

It is easily usable even on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. DocFaber, thanks to the “shopping list” feature, let users to obtain an economic saving and a reduction of food waste.


customized profile

smart application

virtual coaching

shopping list

intolerances and food choices

seasonality of foods


DocFaber is user friendly. It has customized access profiles, based on the user’s role (patients, companies and nutritionists).

The monitoring and the app development are pursued thanks to feedback from over 5000 users and dozens of nutritionists participating in the docFaber Lab.

Access to docFaber is free. Everyone is allowed to test the validity of the method and the potential of the technological platform.