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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions



These terms and conditions must be read carefully before placing orders or, in any case, using the services provided by DocFaber S.r.l. through the website or through their applications for mobile devices (hereinafter referred to as “website / app”). The confirmation of every single order, through a special command that will be displayed on the website / app at the end of the purchase procedure, implies the express acceptance of these terms and conditions.




1.1 DocFaber S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as “DocFaber”) is a company incorporated under Italian law, with registered office in Bologna, via Farini, n. 3 (40124 BO), VAT number 035165412002.


1.2 DocFaber is the owner of the website and of all the applications for mobile devices referable to it.


1.3 DocFaber provides its users with the possibility to carry out urban shipments in a simple, fast, economic and safe way, as well as direct orders from its affiliated and sponsored commercial partners through its website / app. The communication of these orders, performed through the website / app, to the partners chosen by the user is managed by DocFaber according to its commercial and operational standards.


1.4 In order to benefit from the services offered by DocFaber, it is necessary to register on the website / app providing DocFaber with the necessary data and accepting these terms and conditions. The indication of untrue data and / or referring to another person other than the user will determine the non-execution of the order with any consequence required by law.


1.5 Only users of legal age of the Italian state can use the services offered by DocFaber through the website / app.


1.6 Each user who will register on the website / app will receive the access credentials to his private area, where he can consult and update his personal data, as well as check the orders placed. The user must carefully store the credentials received. DocFaber assumes no responsibility for the use of the website / app by subjects who have received the above credentials due to the user’s negligence or for any other reason.


1.7 times of order fulfillment and delivery of the same, indicated on the website / app during the conclusion of the order are indicative, especially in the presence of adverse weather conditions and / or traffic. If the aforementioned terms of evasion are not respected, the user can contact the DocFaber Customer Care service, also in relation to any problem related to the order. All requests for information and / or reports made by the users of the website / app will be managed promptly and accurately, in order to ensure their full satisfaction.


1.8 DocFaber reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, available at any time via the website / app. In case of modification, registered users will be notified by e-mail to the address indicated during registration. In any case, it must be the user’s responsibility to periodically check – and in any case before placing any order – the Terms and Conditions indicated on the website / app.


The users registered through the website / app are, therefore, obliged to comply with the regulations in force at the time they place the orders.




2.1 Through the website / app it is possible to send and / or order products made available by the partner partners. After entering all the data necessary for shipping and / or having chosen one or more products offered by the partners, the user will complete the order by confirming it through the appropriate command. The User must carefully check the correctness and completeness of the data entered for shipping and / or the summary of the order, the cart and the prices indicated, before concluding the order. Once the order has been confirmed, it can not be changed, except for cases in which the product or products ordered are not available for sale and / or shipping. In such cases, the user will be able to change or cancel the order and / or shipment request. Upon confirmation of the order, DocFaber will process it, communicating it to the user by e-mail to the address provided at the time of registration.


2.2 On the website / app, the user can view the payment methods made available by DocFaber. Under no circumstances can DocFaber view and / or acquire payment card information entered by the user at the conclusion of the order. Following payment made using the method chosen by the user, a message confirming that the order has been sent is displayed on the website / app, ie an error in which the payment details entered have not been accepted by the electronic payment system. For any anomaly that occurred during the conclusion of the order, the user can contact DocFaber through his Customer Care.


2.3 After completing the order, the user can, through his personal area, check the data entered and its progress at any time.


2.4 The affiliated commercial partners provide DocFaber with the prices published on the website / app for the shipping service and the purchase of products. It is expressly admitted that some of the above information may not be updated and that, consequently, the price of the service chosen by the user is different from the one reported. In such cases, DocFaber will communicate this anomaly, allowing the user to agree on the change or confirmation of the order. DocFaber does not guarantee that the order will be executed at the lower price wrongly indicated, nor does it guarantee any compensation.


2.5 The prices shown are inclusive of VAT and do not include delivery costs, which are added to the total amount at the conclusion of the order.


2.6 In case of purchase through the marketplace, once the order has been received, DocFaber will communicate to the commercial partners chosen by the user, the list of products requested and indicate the time of collection of the same by the Moover which will be made available at the service via website / app.


2.7 The DocFaber Customer Care service is available to users if they find any discrepancy, anomalies or damage related to the shipment or what was ordered. This communication of discrepancies, in any case, must be made before acceptance of the delivery of the products ordered and / or shipped. Once the delivery and / or confirmed shipment have been accepted, the users will be able to assert their reasons only by submitting a complaint within 24 hours from the delivery of the ordered and / or shipped products, to be sent by written communication through the website / app. DocFaber will not be liable for any discrepancy, anomalies or damage to the delivered products, even deriving from the relative handling, as subsequently detailed in paragraph 6.


2.8 At the time of delivery of the ordered products, the customer will be asked to sign a receipt in digital format showing the products delivered and the time of delivery.




3.1 All trademarks, domain names, company names, logos are the exclusive property of DocFaber and therefore protected by the applicable regulations in force. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to reproduce in any form or reproduce it in any form, without express authorization.


3.2 DocFaber endeavors to ensure continuous use of the website / app and the services it contains. Access may be temporarily suspended even without notice for reasons of maintenance, updating and / or improvement of the service for the benefit of the user. DocFaber, in any case, adopts measures to protect the information entered, but is not able to guarantee the security of data transmitted to the website / app. Therefore, transmission is carried out at the sole risk of the user.




4.1 The user is obliged to use the applications compatible with the mobile device in use according to the provisions set out in the service conditions of the enabled Stores. DocFaber reserves all rights related to applications for mobile devices not expressly guaranteed to the user by these Terms and Conditions.


4.1.1 The user must personally check and make sure that he has downloaded the correct version of the applications for his mobile device. Otherwise, DocFaber reserves the right to revoke the service and use of these applications. DocFaber will not be held responsible in case of download of incorrect versions or incompatibility of the same.


4.2 You acknowledge and agree that these Terms and Conditions only apply to the relationship between you and DocFaber. The latter is the sole responsible for the applications published on the Stores and their contents, whose use by the user must respect the conditions of service applied by the respective Stores.


4.3 The user acknowledges that Store operators are not burdened by any obligation to provide maintenance and / or support services related to the applications published therein.


4.4 The user and DocFaber acknowledge that the owners of the DocFaber Store are not obliged to consider any request for compensation from the user or third parties regarding the applications published in them, nor responsible for the possession and use of such applications by part of the user itself, including:


1 claims for compensation relating to the non-compliance of these applications with respect to any applicable legal or regulatory requirements, including with reference to consumer protection;


2 liability for damages caused by the product published and downloadable from the Stores.


4.5 The user and DocFaber. recognize and accept that the owners of the Stores and the legal entities attributable to them are third-party beneficiaries in relation to the license of the applications published and downloadable from the same platforms and that, with the user’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the owners of the Store can also enforce the obligations arising from this contract.


4.5 Without this representing any limitation to the other provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, the user undertakes to comply with all applicable contract conditions with third parties in the use of applications published and downloaded from the Stores.




5.1 The user declares that the information provided to DocFaber is accurate, complete and true. At any time, DocFaber may check this information and revoke the service or suspend and / or discontinue the use of the website / app, at its discretion and without notice.


5.2 By using the website / app, the user also accepts:


1 not to use the website / app for illicit or fraudulent purposes;


2 not to allow third parties to use their account if not authorized, remaining in any case responsible for its use;


3 to use the website / app without causing any other inconvenience, inconvenience or inconvenience;


4 not to use other accounts subject to the rights of third parties without being authorized;


5 not to assign or in any way transfer your account to any other natural or legal person;


6 not to compromise the correct functioning of the network;


7 not to cause damage, of any nature, to the services provided by DocFaber and to the website / app;


8 not to copy and / or distribute the website / app and its contents owned by DocFaber or its commercial partners, without their prior consent;


9 to provide DocFaber, in the event that it is requested, any useful test to verify the identity of the user.


  1. to keep the access data of the account or any other identifying credential provided by DocFaber and / or its commercial partners safe and not to disclose to unauthorized parties;




6.1 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user and / or business partners of DocFaber who use the website / app agree to indemnify and hold DocFaber harmless from any claim for compensation, loss, cost, damage, charges and expenses (including legal ones) ) arising or relating to:


1 violations or breaches by the user of any obligation arising from these Terms and Conditions or the laws and regulations in force on the subject, even if not expressly mentioned;


2 violations by the user of any rights of third parties such as, for example, Moover, involved through the website / app;


3 the use, be it proper or improper, of the website / app by the user.




7.1 DocFaber does not assume any obligation in relation to data other than personal identification information (the latter governed by the Privacy Policy on the website / app) which, therefore, are to be considered non-confidential and free title. The aforementioned material, as well as any data, image, sound, text and anything else incorporated therein for any commercial and / or non-commercial purposes, may therefore be copied, communicated, distributed, incorporated or used in any other way by DocFaber .


7.2 It is not permitted to post, upload or transmit to the website / app of DocFaber or its commercial partners material that is in violation of current legislation, which contains viruses or any other malicious program and / or that is illicit and / or misleading and / o which is equivalent to unauthorized advertising.


7.3 In particular, by way of example only, it is forbidden to enter comments and / or opinions on the website / app:


1 that violate the privacy of third parties or DocFaber or its business partners;


2 that contain defamatory, obscene or offensive material;


3 that promote illicit activities or violence or discrimination of any kind;


4 that violate intellectual property rights or any obligations to third parties or to DocFaber or its commercial partners;


5 that give the impression of coming from DocFaber;


6 that bring confusion about their paternity and / or real origin.


7.4 DocFaber will be entitled to compensation for the damage suffered and the reimbursement of costs incurred as a result of the violation of the aforementioned limitations.


7.5 DocFaber fully cooperates with any competent authority, in order to ensure full compliance with the law, including in relation to any judicial orders requiring or requiring disclosure of the identity or address of anyone who violates the provisions referred to in the previous points or is subject to investigation or to the recipient of judicial measures.




8.1 DocFaber reserves the right to place or place on its website / app links to sites of third parties providing commercial or other information, the content and / or accessibility of which DocFaber does not respond in any way, by not operating any type of control or guaranteeing any result deriving from the use of the same. Users may use these links at their discretion, made available for their exclusive use, by abandoning the DocFaber website / app. Anyone who decides to access the link of third parties, does so at their own and exclusive risk.


8.2. The right to revoke the affixing of such links may be exercised by DocFaber at any time.


8.3 The user must not insert links that refer to sites that he does not own, nor must he do so in ways that give the impression of being associated with, or have received approval from DocFaber.


8.4 Third-party companies that include links to their website that refer to the DocFaber website / app must be previously authorized (directly or indirectly).


9.6 Under no circumstances may DocFaber authorize the publication of its own links on sites that do not comply with the law.




9.1 At any time and without notice, DocFaber may make changes to the material on the website / app and / or the prices described therein. The material on the website / app may not be updated and DocFaber makes no commitment to update it. In particular, it does not undertake to ensure that the information provided by business partners and indicated on the website / app is correct or up to date.


9.2 DocFaber provides access to the website / app and its services, declining any form of guarantee (implicit and explicit), subject to legal limits. The responsibility for the security of the access credentials used to access the website / app (user id and password) is the relative owner. DocFaber is not in any way responsible for any transactions concluded using the login credentials of a registered subject abusively.


9.3 DocFaber declines any responsibility for loss or damage of any amount or type that may arise to visitors and other users of the website / app or third parties in connection with the services offered by DocFaber, with the website / app or with its use, including, but not limited to, any interruption of commercial activity and / or loss or direct or indirect damage, as well as any loss of income, profit, goodwill, data or contracts.


9.4 The Customer Care of DocFaber makes every reasonable effort to resolve any issues arising from the placing of orders via the website / app, including the processing of refunds and crediting back to a credit or debit card, if due, provided that the user has complied with these Terms and Conditions and has behaved in good faith towards DocFaber.


9.5 The legal contractual agreement concerning the supply of products is only, directly and exclusively, between the user of the website / app and the commercial partner to whom the order is placed: DocFaber makes no commitment to the quality of the products ordered to the business partner via the website / app and disclaim any warranty statement to that effect. DocFaber does not assume any obligation regarding the accuracy of delivery and collection times indicated on the website / app.


9.6 DocFaber is not liable for and is not obliged to compensate any eventual non-fulfillment or late fulfillment of its obligations that is caused by events outside the reasonable possibility of control by the same (events force majeure). An event of force majeure includes any act, event, omission or incident that goes beyond the reasonable possibilities of control by the same and includes, in particular, the following: strikes, lockouts or other action in the context of industrial relations; civil unrest, riots, invasions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attack, wars (even in the absence of a specific declaration) or threats of war, as well as preparations for war; fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, collapses, epidemics or other natural disasters; impossibility of using the railway, ship, air, road transport or other public or private transport; impossibility of using public or private communication networks (including the Internet and related data traffic); laws, decrees, regulations, regulation or restrictive discipline, of any government, where applicable. The execution of treasury bonds by Moovenda shall be deemed to be suspended for the entire duration of the event of force majeure and the same benefit from an extension of the duration foreseen for the fulfillment, equal to the duration of the event of force majeure.




10.1 DocFaber may suspend or permanently cease the user’s right to use the website / app, or to use the services offered, notifying the same by written notice to the e-mail address indicated during registration, in case where:


1 the user has entered into or removed material from the website / app in violation of these Terms and Conditions;


2 the user has violated any condition of these Terms and Conditions.


10.2 It is understood that at the time of termination or suspension, the user must destroy without delay any extract of the website / app that may have been downloaded or printed previously.




11.1 DocFaber and its users comply with copyright laws. DocFaber may delete user accounts that violate or be deemed to have repeatedly infringed the copyrights of third parties and / or DocFaber and / or its business partners.




12.1 DocFaber holds all rights, title and interest (including those of intellectual property) on the website / app and on the services it manages, as well as on any suggestions, opinions, comments, suggestions, ideas, advice or other information provided by user or third parties in relation to the website / app and the services provided.


12.2 These Terms and Conditions do not cede or sell to you any proprietary rights relating to the website / app and / or the service provided by DocFaber, nor any intellectual property right attributable to it. Trademarks, domain names, company names, logos are the exclusive property of DocFaber and no right or license to use them is guaranteed.




13.1 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you enter into a contract with DocFaber for an indefinite period of time.


13.2 You have the right to terminate this contract at any time by permanently deleting any link to the website / app from your computer and / or mobile device. You can also delete your user account at any time by sending a request to DocFaber Customer Care.


13.3 Similarly, DocFaber has the right to terminate the contract stipulated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions at any time, with immediate effect and without prior notice, disabling the use of the website / app by the user, in case which the user violates or infringes one or more provisions contained herein, or makes improper use of the website / app.


13.4 After termination of the contract, DocFaber will notify the user by written communication also to the e-mail address indicated during registration.




14.1 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user gives DocFaber the authorization to notify notices on the website / app and on mobile devices (also in push mode), or to the e-mail or ordinary mail address indicated by the user during registration.




15.1 These terms and conditions of use of the website / app and the marketplace are governed by Italian law and are interpreted in accordance with the same. For any dispute arising in connection with these regulations (including disputes not of a contractual nature), the Court of Rome will have exclusive jurisdiction.


15.2 Should one or more clauses of these Terms and Conditions, or parts thereof, be or become contrary to mandatory or public order, or be declared void or ineffective, they will be considered as not affixed and will not affect the validity of the contract, that will maintain effectiveness for the remaining part, continuing to adjust every relationship between DocFaber and the user.


15.3 Any tolerance of conduct in violation of the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions does not constitute a waiver of the rights deriving from the violated provisions, nor the right to demand the exact fulfillment of all the terms and conditions set forth herein.


15.4 The user of the website / app can not assign any right or obligation under these Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of DocFaber.


15.5 DocFaber may assign any right or obligation under these Terms and Conditions to any company associated with it for carrying out the business activity or which it acquires or to whom it is sold.




16.1 The data of users of the website / app are processed for the purpose of performance of the contract; the provision of data is optional, but any refusal would make it impossible to purchase on the marketplace and / or use the services offered by DocFaber.


16.2 The data thus provided will be processed manually, electronically and / or telematically by DocFaber and may be communicated to its commercial partners for order fulfillment. In any case, such data will be disclosed only with the authorization of the owner.


16.3 Only data controllers (internal and external) and categories of data processors may be informed of the data. Users of the website / app can directly contact DocFaber Customer Care to check the data in possession and have them integrated, updated or corrected and / or to exercise the other rights envisaged by art. 7, Legislative Decree n. 196 of 2003.


16.4 In particular, users of the website / app may oppose at any time the processing of email coordinates for purposes other than those of the shipment covered by the transport contract (for example, for advertising, promotions, marketing, etc.) , unless they provide express authorization.




17.1 These Terms and Conditions and any other document, law and / or discipline explicitly referred to in them, constitute the entire and only agreement between DocFaber and the user of the website / app.


By registering to the website / app and accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user specifically approves, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 33 and ss. D. Lgs. N. 206 of 2005 (the so-called “Consumer Code”), all the provisions contained therein.


17.2 By registering with the website / app, you agree that communications with DocFaber are mainly sent electronically. To this end, the user will be contacted via e-mail or will be provided with information on the website / app and the same accepts from now that such electronic means of communication comply with the legal requirement of written form, pursuant to current legislation.